The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook: 140 super-easy, everyday recipes and techniques - THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook: 140 super-easy, everyday recipes and techniques - THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER

Feb 21, 2024Sophie Hadley

Sophie Hadley Review:

A Sizzling Delight: The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook by Sam Milner and Dom Milner 

"The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook: "140 Super-Easy, Everyday Recipes and Techniques" by Sam Milner and Dom Milner is a wonderful book for every cook, beginners and the more experienced ones. In the age of modern kitchens where air fryers are gaining popularity, this all-encompassing cookbook works as an indispensable source for learning the art of air frying depicting a variety of different dishes.

Accessibility is one of the major attractions of this cookbook. The recipes are carefully selected to suit the tastes of all, be it a novice or an expert in cooking. This book has something for everybody, whether you are an experienced chef who wants to try out new techniques or a kitchen greenhorn who requires simple, foolproof recipes.

Milner and Milner’s friendly writing style makes interpreting a reading so easy. They come with straightforward and simple-to-follow directions that are illustrated with colourful pictures, which makes even the most intricate recipes easily comprehendible and executable. Each recipe, from the appetizers to the mains to the desserts and the snacks, is an artisanal creation to give the highest flavor and opportunity to the food lovers.

What makes this cookbook different is that it is all about everyday cooking. Although there are some air fryer cookbooks that concentrate only on fancy or obscure dishes, “The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook” focuses on practicability and usability. The recipes are simple and use the type of ingredients that can be found easily, in day-to-day recipes specially for weeknights or when you have company and lots of people to feed.

Moreover, the cookbook demonstrates the adaptable nature of air fryers. Milner and Milner experiment with many types of cuisines and cooking styles showing that the air fryer can be used to cook diverse dishes from crunchy fried chicken to succulent roasted vegetables. For the cook that has only 140 recipes from which to select, the possibilities are endless.

In addition, the authors offer some helpful hints and tips on how to get the most out of your air fryer. It could be in the form of temperature settings, cooking times, or proper maintenance; however, they should be applied with expertise to make the best use of an innovative kitchen device.

In conclusion, the book “The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook” is a true gem of a home cook. It will be a must-have reference for anyone wanting to take their air frying game up a notch, with its friendly recipes, spectacular visuals, and expert advice. If you long for traditional comfort meals or are on the quest for something new, this cookbook is full of both. Get ready to go on a delightful adventure of taste and imagination with Sam Milner and Dom Milner as your culinary guides.

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